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We’ve got another couple of stops on the Grumpy Old Menopause tour this week. Today’s a biggie because Lynette, the renowned Menopausal Goddess, is giving her verdict on the book. I’m really keen to find out whether she enjoyed it or not, and rather nervous too. Come and read what she thinks about it and browse her blog. It’s really worth a visit. Click the link below or HERE to visit.

The other post is on Friday and comes from me. Please, please, please drop by and leave a comment at the blogs. Enter the rafflecopter draw at each blog and you may even win that chocolate Scrabble game, then you too can enjoy a night on the tiles!

scrabbleScrabble word fact: An aerie is an eagle’s nest located on a cliff or some other high location. In Scrabble, the word is a handy way to get rid of four vowels in one fell swoop. You only score five points, but it beats turning your tiles in for new ones and losing a turn in the process.

Stop 9 – 18th March @ Menopause Goddess Blog

Stop 10 – 21st March @ After The Final Chapters

Hope to see you there.