Grumpy-Old-BannerThe Grumpy Old Menopause tour continues with prizes to be won. We have some two excellent stops this week. Please come by and see us and try to win that chocolate Scrabble game among other prizes.

scrabbleScrabble fact: “Q” is the best of letters and the worst of letters. It gives you 10 points when you use it, but drags down your score if you end the game holding it. Thinking of “q” words is always a challenge. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep “faqir” in mind.

Faqirs were originally monks in the Sufi sect of Islam, who took vows of poverty. (The word came from the Arabic for “poor man.”) The term is now used to refer to any Muslim or Hindu holy man. On the Scrabbleboard, “faqir” earns you a generous 17 points. And it’s an ideal way to use a “q” if you don’t have its usual partner, the letter “u.”

Stop 7 – 12th March @ Comet Babe Books

Stop 8 – 14th March @ This Chick Reads

 Grumpy is worth 14 points in Scrabble. Happy is worth 15 points!