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I believe in paying it forward. I’ve been unbelievably lucky with my writing and blogging and have met some truly wonderful people who’ve helped me in so many ways.

I’m more than happy to assist any budding writer in their quest to become published. I get asked regularly at talks or via email about all sorts of issues to do with writing and often I send people to website Indies Unlimited where there is a huge amount of information for anyone wanting to get published or indeed is already published and wants helps to promote books wise up on social media and so on.

However, some questions need a lengthier response so here are the top three questions I invariably get asked:

1)    Should I have an author website?

2)    How can I format my book to upload onto Amazon or Smashwords?

3)    How do I find a good editor?


Aimee from Author Design Studio

The simple answer is yes. If you want to know how to go about making a website using WordPress (called a static website) check out Carolyn Steels’s top tutorial by clicking HERE. This sort of website won’t cost you a bean unless you purchase a .com address for it.

Should you prefer something produced by a professional there are many website designers. I recommend using Author Design Studio. http://www.authordesignstudio.com/ Aimee who runs the site, is exceptionally professional, has some terrific ideas and doesn’t charge mega bucks for her services. She’ll happily direct you to sites she’s designed. (Check some out HERE.) She has designed and updates mine for me because I am a dunce when it comes to this sort of thing. Any changes are made immediately. She also designs book covers and can help you with your social media requirements. She can even produce adverts or leaflet designs. You name it, she can do it.

Rich Meyer

Rich Meyer

A well-formatted book is imperative to a serious author. I, for one, hate seeing poorly formatted work. It cheapens the book. Formatting a book can be testing. If you’ve not uploaded before it may seem a minefield.

Don’t despair. Rich Meyer, one of the Indies Unlimited team is an absolute whizz at this. He has written several posts on Indies Unlimited on this subject including this one HERE. Rich is also incredibly fast. It took him less than 48 hours to format and return my compilation of stories. He also advised me on any issues that might arise with regards to links in the book and photograph alignment.

The book uploaded without any hitches at all. This was a far cry from my first attempt a few years ago that I gave up on because it kept getting rejected.

You can find out more about Rich by checking out his profile on Indies Unlimited or Amazon by clicking HERE . If you’d like him to format your book email him at vigilante407@gmail.com for information, prices and so on.


Laurie Boris

Editing is a thorny subject for me. My first book was poorly edited by a so-called professional I met on the internet. I was naïve and agreed to pay for services without thoroughly checking them out. The book stayed with that person for six months. When it eventually was returned, I was horrified to discover all manner of errors in it. It was a steep learning curve for me. Now I ensure books go to beta-readers and editors and proof-readers before they get let out to the public.

How many times have you put down a book because it was badly edited? You can’t publish your book until you are positive it free of errors.


Kit Domino

All good editors are booked up months in advance so be prepared to wait. I recommend these two ladies who are very thorough:

Laurie Boris http://laurieboris.com/

Kit Domino http://kitdomino.wordpress.com/proofreading-services/

I hope that helps some of you. If it has, remember to pay it forward. There’s always some new writer grateful for the help.