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I know you are all expecting my usual array of Friday jokes, however, something has happened to interrupt my posts. I’ll rearrange the jokes for another day, so you won’t miss out, but I have some important news to share with you. Turn on the radio and seek out some romantic music and then read on …

Love is in the air this month and to celebrate (given Mr Grumpy won’t have anything to do with Valentine’s Day) I have released a collection of love stories called, Love Hurts.

Love Hurts Kindle


Love does not always result in ‘happy ever after’. It is a powerful emotion that, in the hands of a damaged soul, can be all-consuming, dangerous and even lethal. 

In this collection of short stories—some dark, some light-hearted—written by award-winning Carol E. Wyer, we discover what happens when love takes over. 

Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions. 

*     *     *     *     *

Review of Love Hurts taken from Cath ‘n’ Kindle Book Reviews:

“I love it when an author jumps out of a cake and surprises you. Well, not literally, of course. Metaphorically speaking.

Carol is a wonderful writer of light-hearted, funny, witty and entertaining novels and non-fiction books. Her books are like pick-me-ups, and you know you are going to end up smiling and uplifted at the final click.

So, Love Hurts comes along—a selection of five short stories—and not only are you entertained, but you’re pleasantly—very, very pleasantly—amazed by a range of stories you just didn’t expect: a delicious mix of dark, sad, playful and cheering.

Love Hurts looks at how the very many facets of love make people react and the consequences of those reactions: sometimes joyful, sometimes…not. Each story is very different but equally delightful, and I defy anyone to not enjoy this quintet.”

*     *     *     *     *

Love Hurts is out now in the Amazon Kindle store and on Smashwords. Of course, I like to do things differently, so they are not your usual love stories.

Buy from Amazon UKAmazon US or from Smashwords.

It’s also available in every other Kindle store worldwide too. For those that don’t have a Kindle, you don’t actually need one to read Kindle eBooks as they will work on smart phones, tablets and even PC’s.

I hope you enjoy the stories.