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Uhm! Hello! *waves nervously* I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. Grumpy Old Menopause is launching tomorrow. You will be able to download it for your Kindle or eReader, or purchase a paperback copy for a Christmas present for someone you know. It has already zoomed up the Amazon charts. However, that’s not why I am nervous.

There has been huge media interest in the book, including articles and features in the newspapers and magazines and…now, wait for it…an invitation to go on BBC Breakfast television on Tuesday morning. It has an audience of seven million. *Gulp!* Hence my state of nerves.

I am, of course, a humorous writer, but I am used to skulking behind my typewriter, not grinning in front of a camera. I’m okay with radio because you can’t see me. Now, you’ll discover the real me. You’ll be able to ascertain that all the photos of me online were probably taken thirty years ago, and you’ll see what dreadful dress sense I have.

If you want to see me squirm about on a sofa trying not to make an ass of myself, then tune into BBC1. (or, online at the BBC website.) I don’t know what time I’ll be on, but given I am going into makeup first, it’ll be later in the show. After all, it will take a good hour to mask my wrinkles.

I now have to decide whether the bright red outfit makes me look too much like Mrs Santa Claus, or if I can squeeze into the black one that highlights my eyebags.

Hope you can join me on Tuesday 26th, and if I decide to wear the red outfit, please don’t expect me shout, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”