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Guest blogThank you for hosting me on my blog tour and allowing me the opportunity to tell your readers about my latest release. Especially considering your own incredibly busy schedule right now! All the very best of luck with all the exciting things going on in your publishing world at the moment. I look forward to following your progress.

It Started With A Click: The Story of an eBay Romance is my new (old) book revamped and re-released. In 2003 I stumbled across a stranger when buying tickets from him in an eBay auction. We chatted for a while and soon came to realise there was a mutual attraction. Our biggest problem was that we lived at either end of the country…

Over the years I’ve been told what a wonderful book the story would make. So, I decided to go for it and publish the emails as a memoir. Unfortunately, it was just that, a copy of the emails and very little else. It was a big mistake but I knew nothing of the publishing world, I’m not a writer by trade and (being so close to the story) believed that it would sell itself. It’s taken a long time to realise otherwise and detach myself from the story in order to make it better.

Now I think, “Of course people weren’t blown away by reading a load of emails!” At the time I had no idea and, as a result of releasing it as such, I received some very mixed reviews. Mostly about the formatting and lack of content (something I have been working hard on so actually the reviews have helped me enormously). On the positive side of things, I am still receiving some lovely comments from people who have just read the original. It is funny and I once referred to my book as Marmite as people really did seem to either love it or hate it! There was no in-between. I never wanted to disappoint anyone and was frustrated to see that I had. I do feel that I have learned from my previous experience and I’m now more open to the fact that I will never please everyone.

Most people want a story that they can get their teeth into and not what I offered in my first attempt. People want feelings and background. They want to live the journey that Catherine lived. They want to feel the attraction she developed for Damien. They need to feel it! So, I’ve spent some considerable time and effort adding that in and taking lots of bits out. I’ve been making it in to a story that people will (hopefully) enjoy reading much more.

It still contains an amount of email exchanges but they have been enhanced with Catherine’s voice narrating where needed. When she first received the email from Damien congratulating her on her auction success she never could have expected what happened next. Their relationship starts very innocently but soon grows into a lustful, even saucy at times, exchange of messages.

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