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juliaOkay, so you look in the mirror, and there’s an old woman staring back at you – but here’s the good news – leave your specs off and you won’t be able to see the wrinkles! Personally I’m saving up for one of those fairground mirrors that make you look horribly skinny. 

Even better news – around your mid forties, you qualify for a FREE cloak of invisibility. No one under the age of thirty will notice you. Try it next time you’re in public – I’m becoming convinced that old women can get away with murder, and I’m drawing up a hit list in eager anticipation of my sixtieth birthday. Although that’s over a decade away, and by that time, I’ll probably have forgotten where I put it.

Best of all – you’ve made it! Yep – over the hill means you can now coast down and let gravity do the rest.

Joking aside, you’ve got something money can’t buy – experience. I’m pretty certain the average person my age has been to court a couple of times, seen their home and business burn down (or at least had to start from scratch again), nursed a loved one through illness, woken up to discover a cat’s crept in and is about to give birth to kittens at the foot of their bed, climbed mountains – both literally and in real life, (in the pitch black btw, because someone wouldn’t stop and ask for directions,) and tried their hand at every job offered.

If you’ve gone through the trauma of childbirth, you’ll also have confronted your deepest fears, because you can’t let the kids see you’re scared of creepy crawlies. Take it from me – you just can’t – unless you want to spend the rest of their childhood fishing plastic insects from the bottom of your tea-mug (after you’ve hit the ceiling), or pulling back your duvet to find the world’s biggest spider has taken up squatting rights.

The problem is, you can’t exactly make a career as a cat’s midwife … so … what to do with all those adventures you’ve had and hard knock lessons you’ve learned?

I can’t wait to have your suggestions; until then, I’ll carry on telling stories.

Guest Post by Julia Hughes.

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ripple in timeJulia Hughes is the author of “The Celtic Cousins’ Adventures”. Book two “A Ripple in Time” will available to download from October 10. Or you can win a paperback copy for free, a very special edition with your name appearing as a passenger on board the Titanic. Either leave a comment here on my blog, or visit JuliaHughes.co.uk.

You can also win some other superb prizes including this chance to appear in the book, by clicking onto the Rafflecopter link and following the simple instructions there. Click “a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Ripple in Time – Synopsis

Celtic Cousin Wren makes a psychic connection with a girl emigrating to America in 1912. Through his eyes, she is able to foresee the fate of the ship taking her across the Atlantic.
Consequently, RMS Titanic steams safely into New York Harbour: an anomaly which creates devastation for future generations. Twenty-first century Britain still has an Empire, and World War One continues to ravage Europe.
Wren must somehow turn back time, and repair history; even if it means sacrificing everything he loves.
Julia Hughes says: “An iconic image of the last century, the Titanic represents hope, ambition and tragedy. It also marks the beginning of the end of an era.  However, “A Ripple in Time” isn’t all about the Titanic. It’s about making unbearable decisions, taking chances and allowing faith, and love to grow.”
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