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In honour of Safkhet Publishing and Sheryl Browne’s Romantic Heroes Tour, I am reposting this today.

Follow the tour and get all details by clicking HERE. There are some incredible prizes and hunks galore!

Go Sheryl!

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I am over the moon to be able to introduce you to a very hot Summer special today…and today is it’s release day. It comes from fellow Safkhet author, Sheryl Browne whose books I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Sheryl is a warm-hearted fun-loving lady who won me over when I met her at The Romance Festival in Bedford, but won Hubby over even though he hasn’t met her, because she fosters disabled dogs.

Sheryl is currently on a Blitz tour and you can find out much more about this genuinely lovely lady from any of the participating blogs. For my part, I am sharing my review of the book with you and hope you decide to add it to your Summer list.


Learning to Love – Review

Summer is here and like many, I use the weather as a perfect excuse to sit in the garden and read. Today sees the release of one of those feel-good books that is just perfect for this time of the year.

Sheryl Browne has written some wonderful novels filled with personable and delightful characters. I have enjoyed all of her works but Learn To Love is by far her best to date. There are not many novels that can make me sniffle, let alone shed a tear, and yet this had me blubbing in parts, and laughing in others.

Sheryl’s book deals with the complexity and difficulties that arise in relationships, whether that be adult, or between parents and children. She tackles the problems that arise with troubled teenagers, or/and a parent suffering from a degenerative mental illness and handles the theme of loss with a poignancy that is to be admired.

This novel introduces us to the very likeable Andrea, a mother of three, who is struggling to control two truculent teenagers, a charismatic toddler and an ageing mother who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Andrea is in, what she hopes is a long-term relationship with Jonathan, however, cracks are appearing already in their relationship, as he is not only reluctant to let Andrea follow her dream of setting up her own stylish retro clothes shop, but is eager to send her mother, Dee, off to a nursing home.

All goes wrong when Andrea’s house is burned down. She finds herself, along with children and the effervescent Dee, staying with new neighbour, Dr David Adams in his house. He seems the perfect catch but it soon becomes apparent that he also has problems that seem insurmountable along with a persistent, ardent admirer over the road who will stop at nothing to trap him.

Life is chaotic as they all try to rebuild their lives and pull together to get through their problems. Andrea struggles to deal with the results of the fire. The plot thickens when Jonathan disappears off the scene. Dee is convinced she is going to be murdered by him because of something she knows. Secrets are revealed. Emotions are released and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish. Learn To Love is filled with gentle humour, genuine emotion, and characters that you wish lived in your street.

This is a feel-good novel that you should take on holiday, or enjoy at home with a glass of wine.

Bravo Sheryl!

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Learn To Love is published by Safkhet Publishing and available to purchase from Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords for all your eReaders. It is on at a promotional price of only 77 pence, 99 cents.

The paperback edition will be released February 14th 2014.