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That’s sort of a dramatic post title today but I feel dramatic. Eagle-eyed followers will have worked out that I have not been at my blog for a while. Yes, I skulked off for a little bit of R and R with Hubby and while I was away, unable to access the internet, everything happened!

Readers favourite gold-shiny-webFirst, I discovered that I had won a GOLD…yes, gold, medal from Reader’s Favourite for Surfing in Stilettos.

You could have knocked me over with a feather! I owe all of you who voted for it a debt of gratitude. I am most sincerely grateful to all of you for taking the time to vote. Thank you. I consider myself most fortunate to know you.

Not only did I get a critique of the novel, where I received a succession of 5 out of 5 for the book and much praise, but I got this superb review:”

“This is a clever, lively story. Amanda Wilson, on the more interesting side of 49, is setting off for a year of travelling around Europe with grumpy husband Phil. Son Tom is left at home where he slowly but steadily works his way through the household appliances as only a clumsy, undomesticated 20-year-old can do.
Meanwhile Bibi Chevalier in France has decided that she needs to take a lover to get back at her womanizing husband.Add a camper van breakdown which strands Amanda in France and an ex-lover from Australia and paths begin to
cross in interesting and unpredictable ways. Finally a space hopper and a dog make the cast complete.Amanda soon faces a very big decision.
Amanda is an exuberant character, determined to keep life interesting. The Europe trip is one of her means to do this and in preparation she starts a blog,’Fortifying Your Fifties’.Blog entries are interwoven with the story and this works extremely well both as a literary device and in terms of entertainment value. A few by-the-by subplots even begin to appear in the comments, where TheMerryDivorcee and SexyFitChick in particular have a lot to say without taking the story off course.Bibi is complex and almost a tragic figure but her subtle scheming and stoic spirit make her likeable. Tom is like everyone’s eldest son and Phil slowly and steadily emerges as someone worth knowing. They are all very human and excellently portrayed. Add atmospheric settings and plenty of humor and this book becomes something you can’t put down. More to come in this wonderful series, I hope.”

I also get shiny stickers, a massive medal, and…an invitation to go to Miami to the Award’s Ceremony at the Regency Hotel!

More good news soon followed. I found out that How Not to Murder Your Grumpy had made it to the finals of the People’s Book Prize. I managed to get that post out to you by forcing Mr Grumpy down to the local McDonald’s and bribing him with a muffin, while I fumbled about on a cracked and aged iPad.

Then, I was chosen to be a panelist for marvellous competition that Safkhet Publishing are hosting. It is your chance to win a publishing contract with them. If you write romance, send in your ROMANTIC HERO short story.  More details for this superb opportunity can be found by clicking the link HERE. Get your story to them and who knows where it could lead you?

And finally, I am participating in the HUGE Scavenger Hunt that is currently taking place at The Masquerade Crew. Just Add Spice is there.

If you like Romance then come along and discover 15 new Romance books. Vote daily for your favourite covers and you could win an Amazon Gift Card.

It is enormous fun and I haven’t done it sufficient justice here so click the link HERE to see what I am burbling about.

Phew! I should maybe cancel the next trip. I wouldn’t want to miss on anything next time.