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Mr PishamazonSome days you read a book by a fellow author and think ‘This is mega. It’ll be a massive hit. I wish I had written it. Dash it all! It’s brilliant.’

This is one such book.  The entire Mr Pish series is not only delightful but educational, and if I had grandchildren I would buy them the entire series. (Having no grandchildren, I actually bought them for myself.)

Her latest release is Mr Pish Goes to the Farm. Again, it is a series of postcards ‘written’ by the adorable, and I mean adorable, Mr Pish who is quite probably one of the most photogenic dogs I have sever seen. K.S Brooks is an award winning photographer, so each postcard is accompanied by beautiful photographs.

There are lots of children’s books about farms and farm animals but this one stands out for me, packed as it is with information about farms, machinery, animals and where food comes from. The postcard idea is innovative. The photographs alone are educational but supported as they are by text, they ensure children spend more time absorbing the information. Of course, Mr Pish is there to guide and inform them. What child wouldn’t want a dog to ‘talk’ to them? It is without doubt, one of the best educational books I have read on this subject.

MR Pish

Children (and adults) will be entranced by this book. It comes highly recommended. I am not the only one who thinks so. Mr Pish has only been released a few days but is already a best-seller. 

For us Brits, this is a fantastic book that gives children an introduction into American life. Take a look at all the Mr Pish series and learn about the States. I can’t think of a better way to journey through the US, than with K.S. Brooks and Mr Pish, other than catch a flight, of course!

Mr Pish can be purchased by clicking these links. It’s only 77 pence on Kindle at the moment. What are you waiting for?

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