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How Not to Murder Your Grumpy cover frontSqueals of joy in the Facing 50 household today. Hubby has put earplugs in his ears now to drown out the noise. Why am I behaving in an even more juvenile fashion than usual? Because How Not to Murder Your Grumpy, is released today. You can now purchase it for Kindle or paperback and, better still,  for two weeks it is at a promotional price.

I’d like to thank Safkhet Publishing, especially Kim and Will, for loving Grumpy and publishing it. I hope you enjoy it as much as they did.

The big launch week will begin on June 10th, when there will be all sorts of fun and prizes, culminating in a party here. Hope you will al come along.

Buy your copy from any good bookshop, or order from these sites below by clicking on them and following the link:

Amazon UK Kindle     Amazon UK Paperback

Amazon US Kindle      Amazon US Paperback