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GrumpytourbadgeIt’s a big contest today and a special prize for the Grumpy in your life. It’s a yellow Zeon C Lamborghini car! Yes, a Lamborghini. Yes, a yellow Lamborghini. What a real one? Don’t be daft! I’m a writer not a Supermodel. However, it is a radio controlled yellow Lamborghini. Imagine the fun your Grumpy could have with that.

How do you win it? Easy. Put up a photo of your favourite car on Facebook. (It can be your own or one downloaded from the internet, and doesn’t need to be yellow) Say why you are asking for votes. (Put something along the lines of, ‘Like my car? Then click on the ‘like’ button and help me win a yellow Lamborghini in the How Not to Murder Your Grumpy by Carol E Wyer Cover Reveal Tour.’) Please mention How Not to Murder Your Grumpy tour. Put your Facebook link below in the comments section so we can all see your photo and come and ‘like’ it. The photo with the most ‘likes’, which translate into points, will win the car. Simples!

If you are not on Facebook, you can still enter. Write a short post about this tour and why you are posting your photo. You get FIVE extra bonus points for posting on your blog and a point for every comment you get under that post. Again, put the link here in the comments section so we can visit and boost your points.

You can post on Facebook and on your blog if you want extra points. Just remember to put your links below. It could even result in more followers for your blogs.

Any questions email me at author@carolewyer.co.uk.

You have until 8am British time Saturday to collect your likes and the winner will be announced over the weekend.

Here’s the car:


If you tweet about it and copy me in as @carolewyer you will also get bonus points.

What car does a sheep drive?

Why, a Lamborghini, of course!

Don’t forget to stop at today’s stop on the tour. I am with Beauty and the Armageddon later today, with more prizes and fun!  Click HERE to visit.

Good luck. I am just going to try and prise the car off Mr Grumpy now.