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How Not to Murder Your Grumpy cover frontI am beginning to dream in yellow. Last night I had a dream that I was in a yellow submarine wearing a yellow wetsuit, and my hair was yellow. Could I be turning into one of the Simpsons?

Congratulations to the winner of the ‘yellow’ joke contest yesterday. Kit Domino takes away a Smiley Stress ball to chuck at her Grumpy.

The cover reveal tour for How Not to Murder Your Grumpy is positively steaming along. We are at the halfway point and I feel it is time for for a musical break.

My Grumpy only likes Abba but I have a more varied taste. To win today’s spot prize, name a song with the word ‘yellow’ in the title. (I noticed some of you were one step ahead of me and started doing this on Monday, however, you’ll have to do it again today to win.) You can’t have the one I have used in the title to this post, or the one Mr Grumpy came up with which was an (Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie) Yellow Polka Dot Bikini….trust him! You get bonus points if you post a video on the Facebook event page of the song you have chosen.

pop up toyWhat can you win today? This really cheerfully annoying pop up smiley toy which you can leave on your Grumpy’s desk. Hours of fun to be had making it leap up. Try it out in the kitchen or even at the dinner table. Guaranteed to make any Grumpy laugh. (I don’t mean laugh, do I?)

Just leave a song title in the comments below and /or post a video to the Facebook tour page by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to visit my stop today which will be up after lunch at Cosmochicklitan. I can’t get there until I have done a few jobs. See you there later.

Big contest tomorrow here at this blog.