surfingstilletosWhoo hoo! What a ride! The Surfing in Stilettos book tour is more or less at its end now. There will be a couple of special posts that I’ll write about next week, but for now, it’s time to put away my party stilettos.

There are always so many people to thank after these events and I would like to thank every single one of the hosts who looked after me this week, the reviewers whose reviews have had me skipping about like a twenty-year-old and of course, the wonderful Sharon Goodwin for organising the entire event.

None of it would have been possible had it not been for all of you who followed the tour, shared the event and left comments. In the absence of words (yes, Facing50 has run out of words to say how grateful I am) I am now just going to announce “spot” prize winners and a special surprise. The Rafflecopter winners will be announced very soon.

ChocsWinner of the stiletto photo competition on Facebook and for having the most number of stiletto shoes (I had terrible shoe envy that day. There were some phenomenal shoes.) Rebecca Leith. Rebecca has won a box of chocolate stilettos and handbags.

choc stilettosWinner of the “Goody Two Shoes” song lyric suggestion was Amanda Nason for coming up with “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie. She wins a Polka Dot Chocolate Stiletto Shoe.

Purple keyringWinner of the Sparkalicious Purple Stilettos Shoe Bling Crystal Keyring for commenting on Sylv Jenkins and Friends blog was Mel Beveridge who was randomly selected by being the first name drawn out of Hubby’s beanie hat.

Hunki Dori Celebrity Compact Mirror

Winner of the Hunki Dori Celebrity Compact Stiletto mirror who was randomly selected from my lucky Mercedes Benz baseball cap is JB Johnston.

Now on to my final surprise. For being such a wonderful organiser and for holding my hand throughout all of this process I would like to present the lady behind the tour, Sharon Goodwin with (pause for a fanfare) this beautiful Lolita Wine glass so she can pour herself a large glass of wine and join Amanda Wilson from Surfing in Stilettos to celebrate a tremendous book tour. Thank you Sharon and “Cheers!”LolitaPlease could all winners contact me with their postal details asap either by inboxing me at Facebook or sending them to author@carolewyer.co.uk so I can get your prizes to you.