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fiverrTime to introduce to to another fantastic author – the outstanding JD Mader.  I read “Joe Café” a few months ago and was gripped from the start. This is an author who knows exactly how to keep a reader entertained.

Dan, who became a father last year, has just released another superb book, You Hate Me Because I’m Pregnant (a survival guide for expectant dads) It has already received rave, and  mean rave reviews. Here’s a snippet of one from Amazon:

“I’ve read Mader in the past and have come around to appreciate the pulpy, Bay Area noir that he seems to glean effortlessly from his rather dark and teeming brain. And, hey, I can even claim to have become somewhat of a connoisseur of his filthy San Francisco back alleys, seething as they do with grainy, chain-smoking perverts and anti-heroes. But what I can’t claim is seeing this book coming!

“This book is about men having babies. Think that concept is funny? Well, yes, of course it is and so is this book–in fact this book is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a longtime! I actually sat my Kindle down to laugh out loud (lol!) on more than a few occasions…

…I was thoroughly entertained while reading this book. I was equally impressed that an author, who up until now has primarily written about strippers, motorcycles, and barroom brawls, could write such a truly raw, touchingly human account of one of the most intimate events in his family’s life. I suppose wonders never cease–and childbirth is pretty wonderful.”

By Raskolnikov

YHMBIPCOVERFINAL!You Hate Me Because I’m Pregnant is racing up the charts and today I am offering a free copy to one lucky winner who leaves a comment below.

You hate Me Because I’m Pregnant (a survival guide for expectant dads)

These essays (cries for help) were written when the author and his wife were expecting their first child. This is a baby book for expectant fathers. It is also a chance for mothers to see their pregnancy from the other side – the side that is afraid to sleep, lest they wake up in a tear-soaked bed covered in cookie crumbs. It is raw and real – it even contains some useful information. Whether you are expecting a child, know someone who is expecting a child, or just like to read funny stories about the horror … er, beauty and majesty that is ‘pregnancy’, then this book is for you. If none of those things apply, go ahead and buy a copy anyway. Do it for the children.

If you would like to win a copy of this hilarious new novel, leave a comment below. Any comment, even a mere “hello” counts. If you want to share your baby stories then please do.

JD Mader is a writer and musician who hangs his laptop in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mader began writing professionally at age fourteen as a sportswriter and columnist in San Diego. He is a graduate of the illustrious Creative Writing program at San Francisco State University.

joecafecoverMader is an award winning short story writer and novelist. His work has been described as “powerful and real”, “gritty”, and “rock and roll-literary”. “Joe Café” is a character-based, psychological drama. “Please, no eyes.” is a collection of short stories, many of which take place in San Francisco. “The Biker” is the first in a series of Matt Stark novels – urban, postmodern takes on the classic western form. Mader maintains a blog: www.jdmader.com and frequently writes about fishing and motorcycling. He is the president of a MC club, the PPMC.

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