What an amazing week. We’re halfway through the Surfing in Stilettos tour and I have sobbed with joy at five-star reviews, danced about in stilettos and driven Hubby mad. (I think the maracas irritated him a little too.)

It’s time for a little break from the tour and I would like humbly ask you to drop by The Huffington Post today and leave me a comment on my article there. Click on the link HERE.

I’d really appreciate a comment over there there. More comments make me look good. (I need to build a fan base. I don’t want to be fired!) If you can’t leave a comment then please, at least, click the little “like” button beside the post under the box that says “Share this story”. And, if you could share the story on Twitter or Facebook that would be fantastic. I need you!

Next week, I’ll be back on tour and at the end of the week I’ll have a list of all the prize winners. Stay tuned for spot prizes.

Hope to see you at the Huff.