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IMG_0870Hurray! It’s Feel Good Friday!

As you all know, every week I post my favourite jokes that I have received from you. Many thanks to you all for them. Today, I am going to thank Mr Funny (best not to ask me about him!) for sending me his jokes. Hope they bring a smile to your face. If you have a joke you would like featured here, please send it to me at author@carolewyer.co.uk and I’ll also mention you here on this feature.

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Q: What happened to the egg when it laughed too hard?

A: It cracked up.

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Q: Why don’t robots panic?

A: Because they have nerves of steel.

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An 8-year-old girl asks her father, “Daddy, what is sex?” The father is somewhat surprised that she would ask such a question.

However, he decides if she’s old enough to ask the question, then surely she’s old enough for a straight answer.

So, he proceeds to tell his young daughter all about the “birds and the bees.”

After a brief explanation, the little girl sits back, wide-eyed in disbelief.

“By the way, dear, why do you ask?” the father asks.

The little girl replies, “Mummy told me to tell you that dinner would be ready in just a couple of secs.”

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