Gay Mardi Gras MurdersWhen I started my journey into writing and blogging I could never have anticipated the number of friends I would meet and make. It all began when I chose Amanda Wilson to be my main character in my debut novel, Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines. She’s a desperate houswife, facing 50, with a penchant for wine and a desire to inject some excitement into her life. She starts writing a blog in which she writes about her life. It is “hilarious” (No, that is what magazine reviewers thought – I didn’t make it up.) Amanda touched many hearts and I received so many emails from women who could identify with her and her mundane life that I wrote a sequel.

This post, is not about me. It is however, in part, about Amanda. You see, Amanda has gone to Australia. She really has. And she has managed to get involved in a murder enquiry while staying with wannabe detective, Mia Ferrari. Well, with these two “girls” let loose in Australia with a Ferrari, hot men and a murderer to uncover, the mind boggles at what they might get up to.

However, what is interesting about all of this, is that I didn’t write the book. The Gay Mardi Gras Murders is the latest release by Sylvia Massara, a very talented Australian author who I “met” on line when she began to follow my blog. She read my books and loved Amanda so much she asked if she could use her in this latest book.

Sylvia and I have bonded, much as Amanda and her Australian best friend follower #sexyfitchick. In fact, the similarities between Sylvia and #sexyfitchick are spookily accurate even though I knew nothing of Sylvia’s personal life at the time of writing.

I have read all of Sylvia’s books and was mightily impressed with her latest character Mia Ferrari, who was first introduced to us in Playing With the Bad Boys.  Ow I wishes I had come up with that character. I reviewed that book along with a statement saying “Move over Janet Evanovich. There’s a new girl on the block!”

I was honoured that such an excellent writer should want to use my character in her book and having now read The Gay Mardi Gras Murders I am more than delighted at how Sylvia has woven her into the story. The two fictitious characters have bonded as well as we have.

The story is punchy and fast paced. You’ll be able to read my full review later in the week, but for now I’ll just say that The Gay Mardi Gras Murders is a gripping read with moments of humour, some tenderness and some heart stopping scenes. In parts it is gritty and you will hold your breath, but you leave it with one clear message – friendship is one of the greatest gifts you can have. Treasure it.

Hot off the Press: The Gay Mardi Gras Murders (A Mia Ferrari Mystery) will be FREE 11th – 12th February on Amazon. Click the links below to get your copy.

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