A huge thank you everyone who voted for this week’s entry. It was very tough indeed to decide on the winner. Finally, I can announce that our winner is entry number one. This was sent to me by Kim Sutton of Safkhet Publishing. Many congratulations Kim. Just in case you missed it, here is the entry again.

The next Wannabe Wednesday will be next Wednesday. Come and try your luck next time.

Where was he? Completely exhausted, she leaned at the lamppost. She’d been waiting longer than four hours in this heat, being barefoot hardly a relief. So bleary-eyed she was by now, she was completely unaware she’d walked right into a movie scene. ‘Stop, stop, stoppety stop,’ yelled the camera man. She didn’t hear him. Tears trickled from her eyes, she swiped her hair out of her face with one swift movement. ‘Wait, just wait,’ shushed the producer, ‘she’s perfect! She will transport the audience exactly where I wanted them. Much better than whats-her-face.’ The camera filmed it all: her tears, her break-down, all her emotions. When she lay in a heap next to the lamppost, having cried her heart out, the producer whispered: ‘Magic! That was really magic! Give her a check over fifteen grand – nobody could’ve done that better!’