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Patty2I am waiting by the telephone today to get  a call from a lady who began writing in 2007 and since has published some excellent novels including the Velvet Shoe Collection. Hang on a minute. The phone is ringing. It could be her.

Hello, hello? Oh, hello Patty! The telephone line is very bad today. Just yell your answers to me please. It’s what time over there in the States? Gosh, I’ll try not to keep you too long. Right, let’s begin then with some nice simple quick fire questions:

Columbo or Ironside?Patty4 


Neil Diamond or Neil Sedaka? 

NEIL DIAMOND                                                       

Mousetrap or Ker-Plunk?


Saturday Night Fever or Cabaret



Rubik’s Cube or Baby Alive?  


As this is a light-hearted blog, can you please tell us a short joke?


 FSH !

Very good! I think fishducky (a well known follower of this blog) will like that one. What was the worst item of fashion you wore in the 1970s? 


Hubby still has a pair of those in his wardrobe. What one mad thing would you like to do before you are too old to do it? 


Can you still hear me? Oh good. The line has improved a little. No need to shout at each other any more. I want to ask a few questions about your writing please Patty. What genre do you write?

I write historical romantic intrigue, but am also working on a romantic comedy. 

Who is your favourite character in your books?

I think Fanny Giovanni is fast becoming my favourite character. She isn’t a main character, but in the series, she is developing a character that won’t be ignored. 

Where do you think up your ideas for stories? 

Family history. The Velvet Shoe Collection is based on the true stories I heard as a child about my grandmother and her rebellious and outrageous ways in the 1920’s. Doing the research allowed me to find the depth of my characters and broaden the story. There is no end to subjects to write about with my colourful family! 

What do you do to help you concentrate on writing? I like routine. I’m an early riser and begin my day working on my projects. I don’t do well at night because the brain seems to shut down. Catch me in the morning and I am all kinds of witty!

I guess that explains the “Fsh” joke. Hubby is still sniggering at that.Could you please put a few brief words about you – something that doesn’t show up on your website. Surprise us! 

I’m a league bowler for over 30 years and have won numerous awards. I’ve always wanted to be on the show Survivor, even sent in a video one time. I love to ballroom dance!

That’s very impressive. Thank you so much for taking time to phone me and chat about your books.

Patty Wiseman has written an impressive number of books but I’d like to point you in the direction of: An Unlikely Beginning – 2nd in the series.



1929 …

Detroit can be a dangerous place …

Seventeen-year-old Ruth Squire’s fiance, the love of her life, disappears on their wedding day, and it’s up to her to find him.

A blue feather is the only clue she has, which leads her down on the docks to a seedy nightclub.

The risk to save Peter Kirby is enormous. Can she rescue him, or will she only put him into deeper danger?

Disguised as a jazz singer, Ruth steps on the stage, knowing her life is on the line …

Knowing she may never escape … 

You can get a copy of this fabulous novel by clicking on any of the links below:

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Amazon US  

Barnes& Noble – both Nook and print 

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