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DSC00402Just a little post to send you apologies but I am absent for a few days. Here’s a nice photograph so you can pretend you are with me.

There are a few posts scheduled and I’ll reply to all comments that have been left unanswered as soon as  I return.

Okay, before I disappear into the sunset here is the winning entry of my first Wannabe Wednesday competition. Thank you to everyone who entered. What ashy bunch you all are, sending me your entries. I shall start to insist that you post them here.

I was really impressed with the quality and variety of entries, so well done to you all, but there can only be one winner, and today that honour goes to Dizzy C! Yes, our well-known reviewer has revealed a hidden talent.


Check out her winning entry below and visit her super book review blog by clicking HERE.

There’ll be no contest this week. Obviously, I can’t send the entries to the judge but it’ll be back the following week.

Now, where’s that suncream?

IMG_0457Dizzy C’s Wannabe Wednesday entry:

She’s coming my way. OMG, don’t start stammering like you usually do when a good looking girl talks to you, Ryan. 

Well, well, he is a sight for my tired eyes on a Monday morning. A welcome change to the guy sitting 3 rows back with unkempt hair who seems to have an aversion to deodrant .  Lucy, behave yourself.  Urgh, I can feel his eyes boring into the back of my skull.

“Morning Sir, may I see you ticket please?” she enquired.

“Ah, w-w-well, you see it’ssss like this, I-I-I, don’t have a ticket”, replied the young, clean cut, good looking guy. “Left my wallet at home. I am just not thinking straight. My girlfriend has left, taking Bruno, my dog, with her”, he continued.

Is that tears welling up in his deep, moody, gorgeous brown eyes?  He is a dog lover, like me. He seems more upset about losing his dog than his girlfriend. She must be mad to let a guy like him go. He must be beside himself if he forgot his wallet. 

“Well, as the train is not too full this morning, and if we keep this to ourselves, maybe I can let you off the fare. Just this once mind. “ Lucy whispered feeling sorry for this poor guy.

“That, Miss Humphries, is how NOT to treat a passenger on SN Railways.  You have just failed Ticket Inspector Training Module 2!” bellowed the training manager, running his hands through his unkempt hair.