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     Here we go again…it’s that  time of the week when we lift up or spirits in preparation for the weekend. I’m guessing yours will involve a lot of Christmas shopping.

     This week I had a flood of entries and am currently sifting through for next week’s winner. In the meantime here are my top two favourites from Rob and Paul at Riviera Radio.  Keep them coming and send any you have to: author@carolewyer.co.uk

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Little Fred was saying his prayers by the foot of the bed, “God bless Mummy. God bless Daddy and please make Nice the capital of France.”

His father tucked him into bed.

“That was lovely Fred but why did you ask God to make Nice the capital of France?”

“Because,” replied little Fred, “that’s what I put in my test today.”

*     *     *     *     *


*     *     *     *     *

A husband and wife were out Christmas shopping. It was really heaving with people and after a while, the wife lost her husband. She couldn’t see him anywhere. Annoyed, because she needed him to help carry the bags, she called his mobile. “Where are you?” she demanded.

“Well, do you remember that jeweller’s shop where years ago you saw a beautiful diamond ring? We couldn’t afford it at the time, and I said, One day, I’ll go back and buy that ring for you?”

The wife felt a lump rise in her throat. “Yes,” she replied, more tenderly.

“Well, I’m in the pub next door to that shop.”

*     *     *     *     *

Have a good weekend and remember, “He who laughs…lasts!”.