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If you look up in the sky today, you’ll see a very happy Facing 50 floating along on her own personal happy cloud. No, Hubby hasn’t suddenly decided to buy me an Aston Martin. No, I haven’t swapped him for a Jason Statham look-a-like. (Pause, while I have another happy moment at that thought) No, I have exciting news to  share with you.

I have just signed a three-book deal with Safkhet Publishing. Yep, three books! They will be publishing my latest ‘Grumpy’ book (details to follow), Just Add Spice and another (shhhh! I can’t tell you about it yet) book.

Safkhet are an independent publishing house based in the UK, USA and Germany. Here’s a little about their name which I shamelessly stole from their website:

About the goddess Safkhet

safkhetSafkhet is the Egyptian goddess of wisdom, books and libraries and the consort of Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing. Accredited with the invention of writing, she was seen as a scribe and record-keeper. She is symbolized as a standing or sitting woman holding a palm stem, which is used to keep a record of the passage of time. A six-pointed papyrus plant is above her head, her holy symbol. Her connection to papyrus is significant, as the Egyptians used derivatives of the papyrus plant to write upon.

Since the owners of Safkhet Publishing met in Egypt in 1993, the name is almost self-evident.

I am absolutely thrilled to pieces to be part of this vibrant team. You can find out more about them and the other authors they represent by clicking on the link HERE.

No, I’m not coming down from this cloud. I’m going to sit here all day, maybe even all week.