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I’ve been tagged by the talented Gilli Allan at Writer Cramped. By the way, drop by and visit her because her extract is well worth a read, as are her books.

This tag is called “I’ve got the LOOK!” I always worry that I am going to mess up with these tag things. This one is no exception because I am supposed to get out my work in progress, search for the word “look”, and then post some of the surrounding text or paragraphs around the choice I have made.

The problem is, my latest work is non-fiction, and although it is crammed, chock-a-block full of humour, I couldn’t find a suitable passage with the word “look” in it. Now, if it had been a challenge to look for the word “Grumpy” I’d have had stacks of options. I bet you’re dying to know what it is about. I promise I’ll let you know very, very soon.

So, that left me with option two: my next fun book which will also be non-fiction  I can’t give away anything about that either as it is top secret and only in the planning stages, but suffice to say, the first search for the word “look” unearthed this joke on page one:

“Middle age is when women stop worrying about being pregnant, and men start worrying they look like they are.”

Of course, now I’ve told you that, I’ll have to remove it from the book. Darn!

That left me with option three. I am halfway into my next novel, Just Add Spice, and so I have taken a very brief extract from that. I don’t want to give away spoilers at this stage so be prepared to wonder what on earth I am on about.

No, it’s not erotica, but it is pretty spicy in places!

*     *     *     *     *

     “Look, you’re really sexy, and you’re driving me crazy with desire, Doll,” he said, “but the head is freaky. Could you take it off?” The doll nodded then waggled the soft satin mask and black fur handcuffs she had just extracted from her bag at him.

“Okay, I get it. You promise you’ll take the head off, if I wear the blindfold?” The doll nodded her grotesque head once more and shook the cuffs at him. He laughed and obligingly put his hands behind his back to be cuffed. She did so, and expertly tied the mask so he could see nothing. Leaning over the arm of the sofa again, he heard her remove the horrible rag doll head. He detected a muffled thump as it slipped onto the carpet.

He bet she looked fantastic; actually he didn’t care what she looked like. Her body was all that interested him. He couldn’t see her anyway, and that made it even sexier. He was now reliant on his other senses, which only served to heighten his desire.

*     *     *     *     *

     So, I hope I haven’t let the side down. I am supposed to tag other ‘ziggy zig zag writers’ but everyone is frightfully busy with Christmas, families and writing, so I am laying down the gauntlet to any of you who are writing a novel now…search for the word “look” and let us all know a little about your new work.